“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” — George Bernard Shaw

“It’s a really paradoxical thing. We want to think big, but start small. And then scale fast. People think about trying to build the next Facebook as trying to start where Facebook is today, as a major global presence” – Eric Ries

“Think big….
  start small…
  move fast.” – Bahram Akradi

Who do I work with?

I work with high achievers. People who are already highly successful at what they do – and are now ready to take their life to the next stage.

Winners. Kings. Queens.

Over the last decade, I have coached many extra-ordinary individuals – a young aspiring internet guru only 16 years old and an aging TV star. I have worked with entrepreneurs, teachers, bankers, lawyers, doctors and people from all walks of life.

This is powerful life-changing and world-changing work which will transform your life and transform the planet. Which is what I am up for – transforming the planet through the work I do with extraordinary and powerful people like you.

The main thing I am going to want to know before working with you, is are you willing to push yourself to make the strides of improvement that you want in your life?

What would you say to convince me that you will take the actions you need to take, and get me to hire *you* as my client?”.

Will you have the same enthusiasm when you are required to do things that are difficult, AND to repeat doing them through the difficulty until you break the pattern from replaying and you free yourself?

My coaching is not for people who wish to continue to play small and be average. What matters is how committed you are to taking your life to a level that most people don’t even dare to dream of.

I require you to play BIG and give it your all.

If you are really up for this it, then get in touch today – and let’s begin the dance of coaching.

You speak, I listen. I ask powerful questions. We dance. Your life transforms. And the world transforms too.

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Please only get in touch if you are really serious about transforming yourself and your life forever.