I am an everyday, ordinary guy with a gold medal from the school of knocks – also known as LIFE.

I have worked for multinationals, family owned businesses, restaurants and I even moonlighted for a football club. I have written and published best-selling books, created a world class blog, spoken in front of 1000s of people and raised £££s for various children charities.

I have seen quite a bit of the world and met some of the most inspirational people on the planet.

And yes, I have had my challenges – from going through a life-changing divorce, having a dot com start-up worth over £20 million (real money) go belly up, and losing almost everything I had within a few weeks.

Life stuff happened to me – and yet the sun still rose the next day in the East. Life went on as normal. Except I was no longer the same. It was time to wake up.

I am easily moved and I openly cry. And I am not ashamed to cry. Yes, real men do cry.

And I am still waiting to grow up and learn what it’s like to be a serious adult.

All of the above is actually totally irrelevant to you.

What really matters to you is I am incredibly committed and passionate about transforming you and your life.

My life ethos is based on my 4Cs – Compassion, Contribution, Connection and Celebration.

I am committed to creating an extra-ordinary life for myself and for all my clients. I am not committed to your goals, but I am incredibly committed to you. I care so much about you that I don’t care.

Come. Let’s dance. And transform both of us.

You and I will never be the same again. And the world will never be the same again.